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5 Simple Self-Storage Solutions

Storage for Moving home

Moving house can be a stressful time. The chaos of dealing with all the uncertainties and the legal bodies and red tape, can make what was meant to be an exciting time into a stressful experience.

One of the key aspects of moving home is what to do with all the large amount of furniture, electronics and the countless boxes ready to move, this is where we can help and offer a solution to help things run smoothly.
Once you decided on the size of container you require take your time and pack at your own pace, allow Healey Mills Self storage to make your house move run like clockwork.
You can pack your storage at your own pace and access the container freely knowing your belongings are safe and secure. If you need help and advice with packing then feel free to get in touch and we can offer help and advice.
You can start the initial process weeks, or even months, in advance, and this will then take the stress out of the big move.
Then once you’re ready to unpack your new home in stages flexible self-storage at Healey Mills Self Storage. Once your all settled and unpacked you may want to downsize to a smaller
Container giving you more space in your new home.

Healey mills storage helper
Healey mills storage helper

Storage for Downsizing

Probably in everyone’s life, a time comes when downsizing becomes a favourable option, so if that time has come for you, then allow Healey Mills Self-Storage make that downsizing a reality for you with practical solutions that are flexible and moulded around what you need.

Downsizing can sometimes be the only option when struck by something unforeseen, so renting a container storage unit, ready to go within days, can really help soften the blow of understandably stressful times.

Our self-storage unit can take your belongings into a safe and secure environment to wait till you’re ready to move them on or simply to be kept out of the way until you’ve decided your next steps in life.

Quite often renting a storage unit to store items as you downsize can help you move into a smaller, more optimised living arrangement, potentially saving you cost of living, comparatively our costs are a fraction of cost of living and space within the residential industry.

Storage to Declutter

Is your home bursting at the seams and in need of some organising? Decluttering may be hard work, but it can be liberating and can even be therapeutic (if you follow Marie Kondo’s advice)
I know it can also be difficult to get rid belongings that we might find useful one day or we have grown attached to. The thought of throwing them away, selling, or even giving away can also be difficult to face.
Healey Mills self-storage can help you declutter without having to part with your possessions. Whether it’s a small 10ft container to store your Christmas Decorations in we are here to help.

Healey mills storage helper
Healey mills storage helper

Storage for Student

Are you a student that is needing somewhere temporary to store your stuff over the Summer?
It’s simple really! Store your stuff in one of our affordable 10ft containers. We keep your belongings safe while you enjoy your break!

Trying to get everything on the train, coach, or even trying to stuff everything inside your mum’s Fiesta doesn’t seem worth the effort. Especially when you’re going to be bringing it all back again in a few months’ time. Or you’ve just realised the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years is never going to fit inside the box room you’ve been issued by the University accommodation. Or worst still you know what ever you leave behind your younger siblings are just going to destroy them, so Healey Mills Self-Storage is readily available to make your life easier and allow you to focus on what’s important, your education, exams! and socialising.

Our storage solutions are flexible as they come, whether its end of term, or the accommodation contracts are near their close or you just need time to sort it all out, we are here for you.

Stock, Archive or Office Storage Solution

When you are running your own business, it feels like an extension of yourself. Hence protecting your business and its assets is understandably a high priority for any independent business.

Commercial space is costly and using these premium spaces serves much better if it’s used for manufacturing, offices or retail space, surplus stock just seems to get in the way, so a storage facility that can be accessed any day of the week seems an ideal solution for businesses.

Document archiving and keeping old documents, i.e. sales invoices, expenses and audit reports are often a legal necessity, but it doesn’t mean these unsightly archive boxes have to adorn every corner of your office space, simply let Healy Mills Storage provide you a solution that works for your business needs.

We have 10ft and 20ft storage containers in a very safe secure compound under 24hr CCTV so you can feel reassured your documents are safe.

We can also provide solar panelled lighting for the dark nights and shelving systems to help with utilising the space inside.

Healey mills storage helper

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