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Storage Solutions in West Yorkshire

Whether you’re looking for long term archive storage or short term storage for seasonal stock, with over 250 secure units to choose from, we have the right storage for your business.

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Once you’re all moved in, having a container near you can give you a little time to settle – especially if there are initial works or repairs that need doing in your new property. Healey mills self-storage can also buy you time to improve your new home’s storage capability, so that what you do keep doesn’t get under your feet – making your home feel more spacious and better organised. You can also treat a smaller self-storage unit like a spare room, safeguarding things you’re not using right now and creating some overflow. Your storage room will keep things protected while they’re out of sight.
If your dates change, so can ours

Sometimes move-out dates don’t coincide with actual move-in dates, and you need to change your home storage arrangements. Chains get broken. References arrive late. Plans change. The great thing about self-storage is the flexibility. You can extend the length of stay or change your storage moving in or moving out dates. You can also increase the size of storage room if you decide to add items later. There are lots of uncertainties when moving home, but storage facilities for your things during the process needn’t be one of them.

Why choose Healey Mills Self Storage

Is your office becoming overwhelmed with files? We can help you store your important financial documents and customer files in a safe and secure place.

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Online Business

Need space for your growing online empire? We can help with a dry and secure space to store your Etsy or eBay stock. We have flexible storage options to suit every size of business.

Off-Site Data Back Up

Data is vital to most businesses and some business insurance policies even require you to retain off-site data backups in a secure location. We can help you with secure and dry storage.

Seasonal Stock

We understand that at certain times of the year you may need to stock more goods than usual; we can help your business without the expense of moving to a new premises or long term commitment.

Secure Tool Storage

We know how expensive your specialist tools can be so why keep them locked in your van overnight when you can store them with us, under 24/7 CCTV monitoring? Trust us, you’ll sleep better at night.

Price Match

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Excellent Security

The security of our stores and our customers possessions are our upmost priority.

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