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Moving house can be an exciting but challenging event, requiring careful planning and organisation. Start packing early and focus on one room at a time to ensure there is enough preparation. At Healey Mills Self Storage, we help take the pressure off and allow you to store your items for any length of time you need. With our easily accessible facility, you can move into your home at your own pace to ensure the house move runs like clockwork. With a varying size of units and flexible agreements, self-storage offers a practical solution for those in need of extra space or temporary storage.


Pack your home in stages with your very own container.

Who says all the packing needs be done in a day – or even a week? The most efficient way to move is to take things gradually – remember slow and steady wins the race. Having a container unit, located near you, provides a secure place to keep packed boxes ready whenever you need them. When you’re preparing to sell your home, decluttering is important to showcase your property. Self-storage can provide a solution to store excess furniture or personal items which may be taking up space in the property and this can help create a clean and inviting environment for potential buyers.

Healey mills storage helper
Healey mills storage helper

Unpack your new home in stages.

If you are moving into a new property, having a storage container near you will allow time to settle in – especially if there are initial works or repairs that need doing. Self-Storage allows you to be more organised, making your home feel more spacious. Do you have too many belongings? Do you need an extra room? You could treat yourself to a smaller self-storage to safeguard the things you are not using right now and this will keep things protected while they are out of sight.


If your dates change, so can ours.

If you need to change your home storage arrangements, we understand. Move out dates often do not coincide with actual move in dates. Chains get broken, references arrive late and general plans just change. The great thing about self-storage is the flexibility. You can extend the length of stay or change the dates for moving in/out and you can also increase the size of storage room if you decide to add items later. The moving home process can be stressful but storage facilities are flexible around you.

Use our space to better yours.

Self-storage provides a secure and easily accessible location for storing Christmas decorations, downsizing home, or holding onto valuable items. If you require any items, you can access your storage unit anytime within the opening hours, making it convenient to retrieve or put additional items into storage.


Keep your possessions safe while you travel.

Are you moving overseas for work or planning to travel around the world? Self-Storage units could not be simpler for storing the items you’re leaving behind. Everything you have packed will be exactly where you left it, storage units give you peace of mind while you are away. You can also take advantage of self-storage while you rent your home or flat out during your travels – there’s space for furniture if your tenants want to rent the place unfurnished.

Healey mills storage helper

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