Terms & Conditions

  • General:
    • Any provision of this Agreement held to invalid, illegal or unenforaceable, will be deemed to be modified to the minimum extent necessary to prevent such invalidity, illegaility or unenforceability. If this is not possible, the relevant provsision will be excluded entirely.

    • All third-party rights are excluded and no third parties shall have any rights to enforce the Agreement.

    • The Customer cannot assign the agreement or any of its rights without prior written consent from Healey Mills Self Storage.

    • This Agreement is governed by English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any matter or dispute arising or in connection with it.

    • For queries during office hours (Mon – Fri 9am-5pm), please call 01924 926111.

    • Emergency contact details (out of hrs) please call

  • Payment:
    • The Customer is required to pay any Deposit and the Initial Charges on or before the first day of this Agreement.

    • All Charges are quoted in pound sterling and payment should be made in pound sterling, unless otherwise agreed.

    • All Charges are inclusive of VAT.

    • The Charges are payable monthly in advance, on the first working day of the month and preferably by standing order. The Customer must pay all Charges due under this Agreement on time and in full.

      • If the Customer fails to make any payment in full on the due date, Healey Mills Self Storage may:

    • De-activate the key fob to restrict the Customer’s access to the Compound. Healey Mills Self Storage reserves the right to inspect the inside of the Land by removing the padlock (using force where necessary). Subject to Clause 16 below, where the Land contains Contents, Healey Mills Self Storage will either secure the Land with its own lock or remove the Contents and store elsewhere.

    • Healey Mills Self Storage reserves the right to sell the Contents of the Land hired by the Customer, where the Customer fails to make payment. Healey Mills Self Storage will inform the Customer, in writing of its intention to sell the Contents 3 months after the date

  • Use:
    • The Customer must:
      • Only use the Land for its proper purpose, in a safe and correct manner in accordance with any operating and/or safety instructions given by Healey Mills Self Storage.
      • Keep the Land clean and tidy. If for any reason the Land is not left clean and tidy, any Deposit or Charges owed to the Customer, will not be refunded until the Land is returned to its original condition before the Hire Period.
      • Keep all surrounding spaces i.e., entrances, exits and access ways within the Compound, free of any rubbish or other obstructions (including but not limited to cars, vans and other vehicles).  Healey Mills Self Storage reserves the right to clamp any obstructing vehicles and/or have any such obstruction removed from the Compound.  All fees associated with removal of such obstruction shall be charged to the Customer.
    • The Customer must not:
      • Deface, remove or interfere with any marks or nameplates on the Lands;
      • Cause a nuisance, inconvenience, or disturbance whilst in or around the Compound
      • Use or store within the Lands:
        • Anything unlawful, dangerous or illegal, including but not limited to: combustible or flammable materials or liquids; compressed gases; firearms; explosives; weapons; ammunition or any components of these; chemicals; radioactive materials; biological agents; toxic waste; asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature; counterfeit goods; waste materials;
        • Food or perishable goods unless securely packed;
        • Living or dead creatures;
        • Any item which emits any fumes, smell or odour;
        • Goods which are environmentally harmful or that are a risk to the property of any person;
        • High value items requiring specialist storage.
    • Healey Mills Self Storage reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately, where the Customer fails to, or Healey Mills Storage reasonably suspects the Customer has failed to, comply with Clauses 7 and 8 above.
    • Please note that the CCTV is in operation within the Compound and Healey Mills Self Storage can use this to monitor Customer compliance with Clauses 7 & 8 above.
  • Supply of Lands:
    • Healey Mills Self Storage cannot confirm the suitability of the Lands for any specific storage requirements the Customer might have. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect the Land before use to ensure its suitability.
    • Healey Mills Self Storage does not provide insurance for any Contents held within the Land and recommends that the Customer arrange their own insurance as they see fit.
    • Healey Mills Self Storage recommends the Customer:
      • To check the Land(s) regularly to ensure that they are in satisfactory condition. If there are any causes for concern, such as suspected break in, missing items, damages to any Contents stored or to the Land itself, then these must be reported to the office on the Compound as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • Access:
    • An electronic key fob will be supplied to allow access to the Land compound (‘Compound’) Monday to Friday 7am until 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am until 5pm.
    • The Customer will be required to pay a Deposit for each key fob and padlock (where a padlock is requested by the Customer). This will be refunded at the end of this Agreement once the key fob and padlock (where applicable) has been returned. If the key fob(s) and padlocks are not returned, no refund of the Deposit will be given
    • Only the Customer and persons accompanied by the Customer will be allowed to have access to the Land. The Customer is responsible for the actions of anyone that he or she authorises to access the Land and Compound. Healey Mills Self Storage may refuse access to any person on the Compound, or the security of the Land or its contents (‘Contents’), or other Lands or their Contents, will be put at risk.
    • Notwithstanding the above, from time to time, Healey Mills Self Storage shall be required to co-operate with HMRC inspections concerning actual or suspected illegal activity taking place within the Compound. HMRC has statutory powers to search the Compound and Lands and to seize the customers’ property within. Healey Mills Self Storage has no right to prevent or restrict HMRC in exercising these powers of search within the Compound. Healey Mills Self Storage shall use its reasonable efforts to contact any Customer where his/her Land is required to be searched. Healey Mills Self Storage shall not be liable to the Customer for any damage caused to the Contents or padlock(s) because of HMRC exercising its powers. Healey Mills Self Storage specifically draws the Customer’s attention to the restrictions in use of the Lands in provision 8 below.

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